Family Zone (Cyber Safety)

The Family Zone add-on allows you to run an extensive Cyber Safety service on top of you or your customer's IgniteNet APs.  This add-on gives the Family Zone end user the ability to:
  • Set up content filtering profiles based on age or other attributes
  • View website usage reports and receive alerts
  • Set internet access limits and time schedules
  • Limit access to games and social media sites
  • And much more!   You can learn more about FamilyZone services from their site here:


Free Trial!  You will not be charged for the first 30 days of Family Zone service. The fee for the Family Zone add-on is $3.50 USD per month, per site, with up to 5 IgniteNet APs allowed in a site.  You will be billed for this add-on through your IgniteNet Cloud, just like any of the other monthly add-on services.

This fee also allows you or your customer to manage the cyber profiles of up to 6 end-user devices (such as tablets, mobile phones, etc) outside of the home network via the Family Zone Mobile Child app (Mobile Zone).  

Any number of end-user devices can be managed within a Family Zone-controlled network when using a Family Zone-enabled IgniteNet access point.

How to buy

Purchasing this add-on is simple.
  1. Login into your cloud at
  2. Navigate to the site on which you'd like to enable the Family Zone add-on from the quick nav site menu on the left.
  3. Go to the "Add-ons" menu item.
  4. Click the "Purchase" or button next to the Family Zone add-on entry.
  5. Once you've done this, you'll be directed you navigate to the Family Zone setup page. 
  6. On the Family Zone setup page, you will need to fill out the Family Zone end user's information, including name and email.  If you are the end user, then you'll fill out your information, but if you're managing the wireless network for your customer, then you'll input your customer's information on this page.   Once you click save, a welcome email will be sent to the end user's email address, prompting them to login to their Family Zone portal.
  7. The Family Zone end user will setup any cyber safety settings form their Family Zone portal, but you will still need to set which SSIDs are filtered by going to the Wireless configuration pages, and choosing "Filter with FamilyZone". 


  1. Can I still run an unfiltered SSID for the parents of a household?
    Yes - just uncheck the "Filter with Family Zone" setting from the SSID config tab on the Wireless config page. 
  2. Do I need a Family Zone box to use this add-on?
    Nope! The Family Zone filtering software is automatically installed on your IgniteNet APs once you purchase the add-on.
  3. What IgniteNet AP models are Family Zone eligible?
    Your AP must be a Gateway AC1200 or part of the Wave 2 products (Spark W2, SunSpot W2), have an "Enterprise" type configuration profile, and be running a supported firmware (v.1.1.5+ for the Gateway, and 2.0.1 for the Wave 2 products)
  4. How many APs can I have in a Family-Zone enabled site?
    There is a maximum of 5 Family Zone-eligible devices allowed in a single site. 
  5. How do I pay for Family Zone service?
    You will be billed by IgniteNet/SMC Networks at the end of the month like any other IgniteNet add-on for Family Zone service.    You will not pay for service through the Family Zone portal's billing system.  
  6. Can I purchase this add-on on behalf of my customer? 
    Yes!  Your customer's Family Zone account is completely separate from your IgniteNet cloud account.  When you enable the add-on, you'll be charged the wholesale rate specified above, and can charge your customer (the Family Zone end user) whatever amount you've agree upon.  

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