Firmware Downloads (MetroLinq 2.5)

Warning - Please read the following message carefully before upgrading!
Devices running firmware versions starting with 2.0.0 MUST be upgraded to the intermediate firmware version, 2.0.0-1244, BEFORE upgrading to versions starting with 2.0.1! Devices running 2.0.1 CANNOT be downgraded to 2.0.0! Upgrading directly from versions prior to 2.0.0-1244 (e.g. 2.0.0-821) to 2.0.1 or downgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.0.0 will result in a device failure that will require special steps to recover! Please contact if you have any questions!
The firmware on this page applies to the following MetroLinq models:

Version 2.0.1

January 25, 2018 


2.0.1-1425 (beta) - For devices running 2.0.1 or later (see above note)

Release Notes:

- Fixed: Random STA disconnects when encryption enabled in PTMP
- Fixed: Aiming mode signal level jumping
- Fixed: Firmware upgrade causes configuration loss
- Fixed: 5 GHz connectivity
- Fixed: Transmit and receive Bytes in dashboard are incorrect
- Fixed: Discovery tool does not show model number
- Fixed: SNMP daemon crashing
- Fixed: Only root user account can be used
- Fixed: Manual MCS rate not reported correctly in GUI in some scenarios
- New Feature: Bluetooth aiming support added
- Improvement: Various SNMP improvements 

-Known Issue: RSSI is reported 14 dB lower than actual on the Beamforming Sector (ML2.5-BF-18). This is a reporting issue and does not reflect the quality of the link. 

Intermediate Firmware (see above note)

2.0.0-1244- Intermediate firmware for devices running 2.0.0 ONLY (see above note)


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