Secure Watch


The Secure Watch add-on is an integration with Secure Watch, a cloud-based video surveillance system for SMC Networks cameras.

This add-on gives the IgniteNet Cloud user the ability to:
  • Setup their end user's Secure Watch accounts automatically from the IgniteNet cloud. See more about this under the Add-on Setup section below.
  • View offline/online status of their customer's installed cameras (as well as receive alerts when a camera goes offline)
  • Dictate end-user pricing for both the camera hardware and Secure Watch account management services - this means IgniteNet will charge the cloud user a wholesale rate, and the cloud user can then charge the Secure Watch end user, their customer, whatever makes sense.
The Secure Watch end user gets the following benefits: 
  • Ability to view camera events or live feeds from the Secure Watch mobile app
  • Receive alerts by email or via in app when motion is detected
  • Setup "Home" and "Away" status, as well as schedules, in order to determine when motion detection should be active
  • Define custom motion detection regions
  • And much more!   You can learn more about the Secure Watch solution from SMC's website here:


Free Trial!  You will not be charged for the first 30 days of Secure Watch service.
The standard plan is $8.00/month and includes a shared bucket of 100GB cloud storage and includes 1 camera license. Each additional camera, up to 7, can be added for $2.00/month per site. You can always create additional sites if needed.

How to buy & setup

Contact your IgniteNet or SMC Networks distributor in order to purchase Secure Watch cameras.

Once you have the cameras in hand, follow the steps below in order to enable the Secure Watch add-on from your IgniteNet cloud account. Purchasing this add-on is simple.
  1. Login into your cloud at

  2. Navigate to the site on which you'd like to enable the Secure Watch add-on from the quick nav site menu on the left.

  3. Go to the "Add-ons" menu item from the main site-level menu on the left.

  4. Click the "Buy Add-on" button next to the Secure Watch add-on entry.

  5. Once you've done this, setup payment, and accepted terms and conditions, you'll be directed to navigate to the Secure Watch setup page.   You can always get to this setup page by clicking the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the addon widget:

    You'll also see a new item show up under the Devices menu, called "SWC Cameras".  

  6. On the Secure Watch setup page, you will need to fill out the Secure Watch end user's information, including username and email.  

    If you are the end user, then you'll fill out your information, but if you're managing the video surveillance network for your customer, then you'll input your customer's information on this page.  

    Once you click save, a welcome email will be sent to the end user's email address, prompting them to download and install the Secure Watch app.

  7. Next, you'll be prompted to register the cameras through the IgniteNet cloud.  You can find the camera serial number on the barcode on the product box.

    The name you give a camera here is the name the user will initially see when they login to the Secure Watch app.  

    After you add a camera, an email will be sent to the Secure Watch end user, letting them know a new camera has been added to their account.  

    Once the camera comes online (when you provide power and connectivity), the Secure Watch end user will then see the camera in their account on the mobile app.

    The end user can choose to rename their camera if they wish, but the change will only be reflected in the Secure Watch system, and not in the IgniteNet Cloud. 

  8. Lastly, you can go to the SWC Cameras page in order to see online/offline status, remove, or add additional cameras: 


  1. What camera models are available? 
    You can read about the different camera options on the SMC Networks site:

  2. How do I pay for Secure Watch service?
    You will be billed by IgniteNet/SMC Networks at the end of the month for Secure Watch service, just like any other IgniteNet add-on.    No payment is ever collected from within the Secure Watch system or app.  You can pay via credit card or voucher code from the Billing and Licensing page of your IgniteNet cloud account.

  3. Will I be able to view the camera feeds of my customer's Secure Watch cameras? 
    No - the sole purpose of this add-on is to allow you to manage your customer's cameras - you will not be able to view any camera images or feeds unless your customer gives you access to their Secure Watch account.

  4. Can I purchase this add-on on behalf of my customer? 
    Yes!  Your customer's Secure Watch account is completely separate from your IgniteNet cloud account.  When you enable the add-on, you'll be charged the wholesale rate specified above, and can charge your customer (the Secure Watch end user) whatever amount you've agree upon.  

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