Firmware Downloads (HeliOS-W2: Spark W2, SunSpot W2)

HeliOS W2 Firmware Downloads

Supported models

  • Spark W2 AC1200
  • SunSpot W2 AC2600

Release v2.0.2


Change Log

Final Release (v2.0.2-2485)
Release date: Dec 13, 2017
  • Improved lighttpd runtime configuration.
  • Fixed DHCP fallback IP configuration.
  • Performance and memory management improvements.
  • Fixed complex network interface configuration issues.
  • Improved survey scan results.
  • Fixed 20/40 channel width coexistence configuration.
  • Fixed client probe request reporting correct system MAC address.
  • Various SNMP statistics improvements.
  • Various GUI configuration and statistics improvements.
Beta1 Release (v2.0.2-2387)
Release date: Oct 18, 2017
  • Fixed wifi crashes with 40+ connected clients
  • Improved system memory management 
  • Client connectivity and link stability improvements.
  • Various improvements for regulatory/txpower control.
  • Fixed smart isolation configuration.
  • Miscellaneous statistics gathering fixes.
  • Fixed low throughput when using 11g mode fixes.
  • Added band-steering support.
  • Added more info to the troubleshooting file.
  • Fixed traffic shaping mixed directions configuration.
  • Added RADIUS interim update interval control.
  • Improved the Cloud agent
  • Patched KRACK vulnerabilities

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