Creating Your First Site

Now that you've Created your first Cloud, you can create your first site!

What is a Site?

A site is simply a logical grouping of devices that may or may not share common configuration settings.  It's customary to group devices geographically in a site.

For example, if you're installing 50 APs for a hotel chain, each hotel location would be represented by a different site on the cloud controller.  Each site can have a geographical location associated with it, a set of floor maps, and even preferred language and time zone settings.

The number of devices allowed in a site is limited to 500 to keep things manageable for you.  There is no limit however on the number of sites that you can add to your cloud!

Creating Your First Site

If you don't already have a site, you'll be prompted to create one.  You can click on the "Add Site" button from the Cloud dashboard:

 OR, navigate to the Sites page from the Cloud context menu and click on the "Add Site" button there.

Site Properties

Once you're on the "Add Site" page, you'll need to fill in the properties of your site (Step 1).  
  • Site Name: The name of your site. You should choose something short but meaningful.  For our example, we're going to use "ParkSide Atlanta" since this site will represent the Atlanta installment of our fictional ParkSide hotel chain.
  • Description (optional):  Add any notes about your site here.
  • Enable configuration:  Here are the options for this setting:
  • ON: Leave this setting set to ON if you want to be able to remotely configure your device.  
  • OFF: If you do not want to remotely configure your devices, turn this option OFF.  You can still remotely monitor your devices and will still get alerts if your device goes offline.  
  • Upgrade At Registration: Turn this setting to ON if you want your devices to be automatically upgraded to the latest firmware after registration. It's recommended that you leave this setting to "ON".
  • Location:  The location set here will determine which map is displayed on your Site's dashboard by default, as well as which regulatory country will be used for configuration purposes.  (More on this on the next step)
  • Time Zone: The timezone you set here will determine which timezone is used in any site-wide emails (such as alert notifications).  When you're viewing dates and times in the cloud UI, the timezone that you see will be based off the one that's set in your profile.
Once you save your site settings, you'll need to configure your site.  If you chose to turn configuration OFF, you will not need to proceed to the next step.

Site Configuration  

Congrats! You created your first site! Now it's time to set it up!  Let's move on and Configure Your Site next.


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