Managing Your Clouds

Switching between Clouds

You can easily switch between your clouds by accessing the "Your clouds" menu in the upper right of the screen (once you're logged in).

Managing your Clouds

Select "Manage Clouds" from the "Your Clouds" menu in the upper right of the screen (see above section) to get to your cloud management page.

From this page, you can choose to:
  • Create a new cloud
  • Leave a cloud
  • Delete a cloud (only allowed if you're the owner of the cloud)
  • Transfer ownership of a cloud to another user
Please read below about what the different options mean.

Cloud Ownership

The user who originally created the cloud is considered to be the cloud's owner.  This user can transfer ownership to any other member of the cloud via the "Transfer Ownership" action.

There can be any number of Cloud Administrators, as well as standard Cloud users.

If you wish to leave a cloud, you can choose the "Leave Cloud" action. Once you do this, you will no longer be a member of the cloud, and will not see any details of the cloud after you login to the IgniteNet Cloud Controller.

Creating a new Cloud

If you don't have an account yet, you can learn more about creating a new cloud from this article.

If you already have an account, just press the "Add Cloud" button at the top of your clouds page to create a new cloud in seconds!

Deleting a Cloud

WARNING!  Deleting a cloud is a permanent action and will result in the deletion of all related records, such as APs, clients, sites, system activity logs, and device configurations stored in that cloud.  

Only the owner of the cloud can delete it. 

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