Tutorial: How to setup an Ignite hotspot with a third-party hotspot management system (Cloudessa) [part 2 of 2]

Tutorial: How to setup an Ignite hotspot with a third-party hotspot management system (Cloudessa) [part 2 of 2]

Navigate to http://cloudessa.com/ and sign up for an account.

After logging in, Click on the "Captive portals" menu item on the left:

Next, click on "Create Captive Portal"

Fill in your captive portal details, and select "CoovaChilli" as the hardware vendor.  You can choose your own UAM secret value to use. Click the "Create" button when you're finished.

Customize your Captive portal as you see fit!

Now, we need to gather the settings so we can set them on the AP and/or site.  Go back to the Captive Portal list, and select the portal you just created.

Scroll down to General info, and take note of a few settings shown below:

Now that you have your captive portal settings, you'll need to configure your device's hotspot settings.  You will need to login to a different place depending on how you are operating your device:  if you're not cloud-managing your IgniteNet device, login to your local device web UI.  Otherwise, login to your IgniteNet cloud and navigate to the site on which you'd like to enable a Hotspot/Captive portal.

Next, navigate to the hotspot settings page...
  • If you're on the local device UI, the hotspot settings page will be under Network->Hotspot Settings
  • If you're on the cloud, you will have two options: setup common hotspot settings for ALL devices, or individually configure each device.  We're going to assume you choose the first option, and enable hotspot at the site-level.  Navigate to the site that contains your device and select Configuration->Hotspot Settings from the site-level menu.  
Fill in the fields with the settings below: 
  • Enable Hotspot Service: set to "On"
  • RADIUS Server 1: <insert your Radius Primary Server IP>
  • RADIUS Server 2: <insert your Radius Secondary Server IP>
  • RADIUS Server Auth Port: <insert your RADIUS Authentication Port>
  • RADIUS Server Acct Port: <insert your RADIUS Accounting Port>
  • RADIUS Shared Secret: <insert your RADIUS Shared Secret>
  • Captive Portal URL: <insert your Splash Page URL>
  • Captive Portal Secret: <insert your UAM Secret>

Now you need to select which interfaces you want under the control of your hotspot services.  To do this, navigate to the interface you want to hotspot control, and set its Network Behavior to "Hotspot Controlled".   We will give an example in the next step.

For example, if you're on the cloud and want to create a new Hotspot SSID, go to Configuration->Wireless Settings subpage.  

Create a new SSID, and set its name to "Cafe Free Wi-Fi".  

Set its Network behavior setting to "Hotspot Controlled": 

NOTE: You can do this with any existing SSIDs or even wired ports!

You're done! Save and/or apply your settings to take affect.  Your device will start broadcasting a new SSID called "Cafe Free Wi-fi", that will be managed by your Cloudessa account.  

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