ContentShield - Your Content Filtering Solution ContentShield, IgniteNet's first add-on service for the Cloud, will help you safeguard your family or school from objectionable websites, and keep productivity high by blocking time-wasting sites at the workplace.

Here's some more information about IgniteNet's ContentShield solution:
  • Use ContentShield to block your clients from browsing to objectionable websites, based on three policy categories: Relaxed, Medium, and Strict.
  • You can set content filtering policies on a per-LAN basis - this means you can filter both WiFi SSIDs and wired network ports! You can also run both filtered and unfiltered networks, on the same Access Point.
  • ContentShield will send notification emails to the configured admins when a client attempts to access a blocked domain. This allows administrators to take action if required.
  • Are we missing a domain? It's easy to suggest new domains to add to the public blacklists!

Note: Your device must be routed in order to allow ContentShield to do its work. This service does not work on a fully-bridged network.


Lowest in the industry! Only $2 USD per Access Point per month! Add-ons are enable on a per site basis. This means that all devices in your site will automatically use the add-on service once you enable it. Pricing for add-ons is billed at the end of the month based on the total number of devices in your site.

How to buy

Purchasing or trialling an add-on is simple.
  • Login into your cloud at
  • Navigate to the site on which you'd like to enable ContentShield from the quick nav site menu on the left.
  • Go to the "Add-ons" menu item.
  • Click the "Purchase" or "Start Trial" button next to the ContentShield add-on entry.
  • Once you've done this, a new button will show up that will let you configure your ContentShield settings.


  1. What If I want to cancel?
    You can cancel any add-on services any time, by navigating to the site-level "Add-ons" page, and pressing the "Cancel" button.  You will only be charged for the time that the add-on was activated.

  2. Can I try it out?
    Yes! You can trial any add-on service for up to one week, for free.  No credit card details are required to begin a trial.  At the end of the trial period, the add-on service will automatically become disabled, and you won't be charged anything. 

  3. Can I enable this for a whole cloud?
    Of course! And now you can bulk-enable add-ons from the cloud-level Add-ons page!

  4. Can I enable ContentShield for just a few devices in my site?
    No, you must enable an add-on for all ContentShield-capable devices in your site. You can create a new site and move the devices you want to run ContentShield there.

  5. Which devices are capable to run ContentShield? Will I be billed for non-capable devices?
    All IgniteNet "standard" Wi-Fi product families, such as Spark, SunSpot, Gateway, and SkyFire are ContentShield-capable devices. MetroLinq and FusionSwitch-family devices are not ContentShield-capable, so you will not be billed for these devices in your site once you enable this add-on.

  6. Can I create whitelists or custom blacklists?
    At this time you can only use the pre-configured blacklists. But don't worry, we'll be adding custom white and blacklists in the near future!

  7. Will this work on sites like Google Image Search or YouTube?
    Not at this time - we block domains based on DNS requests, not deep packet inspection. However, we will be offering a more advanced content filtering add-on solution later this year that will provide this type of support, as well as keep managed devices safe when they are travelling outside of your network!

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