Audio Streaming over USB

Supported IgniteNet Devices

Most indoor IgniteNet wireless products that have a USB port also have audio streaming capabilities when a compatible USB-powered speaker or USB-to-stereo adapter is plugged into the USB port of the device. (Supported output information is listed lower in this article.)
  • Spark and Sunspot: support is available in firmwares v1.1.3+  
  • Gateway AC1200: support is available in firmwares v1.1.5+

Configuration Setup

Adding Streams

  1. First, enable the free "Media Streaming" add-on from the site-level "Add-ons" page.  
  2. Next, click on the gear icon next to the add-on, or go directly to your site or device's configuration page.  
  3. Click on the "Advanced Configuration" page from the menu on the left, and navigate to the "Media Streaming" tab.
  4. Add new streams by clicking the "Add Stream" button.  You can give your streams a label so you can easily figure out what the stream content is in the future.  Enter in the URL of the stream as well.  You can preview the stream in your browser by pressing the "Preview" button.
  5. Once your stream is added, you can press the play button to the left of it to broadcast the content to all devices in your site (if you're at the site level - if you're at the device level, the stream will only play over the one device).

Adding Alarms/Scheduled Play

  1. To setup a schedule or alarm, scroll past the stream management area on the config page, and click the "Add Alarm" button.
  2. Choose which stream you want to play at the given time from the dropdown.  If you don't yet have any streams added, press the "back" button and add some first.  You can preview the stream in your browser by pressing the play button next to the dropdown.
  3. Choose your duration (never stop, or set the duration in minutes), as well as the time and date when the stream should play, and on which dates it should repeat.
  4. When you're finished, press "Back".
  5. Complete the configuration process by pressing the "Save" button at the top of the config page.  The cloud will then push the alarm schedules down to all of the devices in your site.

Supported Stream Formats

Supported stream formats include the MPEG-2 extension to Lower Sampling Frequencies, and the MPEG 2.5 format.  

You can easily extract the streaming URL from a .pls playlist file by opening it in a text editor (such as notepad or text edit, and copying the web address from the file.  For example, here's a PLS file from

Title1=(#1 - 79/500) DEEP HOUSE LOUNGE - []
Title2=(#2 - 256/800) DEEP HOUSE LOUNGE - []
Title3=(#3 - 174/500) DEEP HOUSE LOUNGE - []
Length3=-1 Version=2

In this example, I'd copy any of the three URLs (such as and paste it into the URL field of the "Media Streaming" configuration page of the cloud.

Supported Output Devices

USB-Powered Stereo Speakers

You can purchase a supported USB-powered stereo speaker from your choice of authorized IgniteNet distributors or partners.

(NOTE: This product's datasheet is coming soon).

Non USB-Powered Stereo Speakers

You can use your own speakers as long as you purchase a USB-to-stereo audio adapter. Many variants of these adapters can be found on online by searching for "USB External Stereo Sound Adapters".

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