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MetroLinq Firmware Downloads

The firmware on this page applies to the following MetroLinq models ONLY:


Looking for ML2.5 firmware?

Version 1.1.7

October 24, 2017

Download MetroLinq v1.1.7 (SR1) Firmware

Change Log SR1 (1.1.7r9446)
  • Patched KRACK vulnerabilities
Change Log Final Release
  • Improved: Ping Watchdog
  • Improved: Added multicast to unicast translation for 5G
  • Improved: Cloud Managment
  • Bug Fix: Crash when overloaded with broadcast traffic
  • Bug Fix: Bridging table not updating properly
  • Updated: New Zealand country code 
Change Log Beta 2
  • Fixed some bugs related to DFS issues occurring in some country codes
  • Updates to the regulatory rules regarding TX powers for Japan 
Change Log Beta 1
  • New feature: Added ping watchdog functionality
  • New feature: Added auto channel option for PTMP
  • New feature: Added client Isolation for 60G PCP
  • Improved: Keep-alive mechanism for 5G failover for PTMP and PTP
  • Improved: Added multicast to unicast translation for 5G
  • Bug Fix: Kernel Panic with 5G backup enabled
  • Bug Fix: Traffic stops in some cases if the 60G radio is reconnected
  • Bug Fix: 60G hang problem when 5G radio is restarted
  • Bug Fix: 5G failover state not resetting
  • Bug Fix: Fixed SNMP counters for statistics
  • Changed: Added additional monitoring settings for permanent lock-up cases

Version 1.1.6

April 25, 2017


Download MetroLinq v1.1.6 Firmware

Change Log
  • Changed: Telnet and SSH default ports
  • Improved: Wireless Status graphs
  • Improved: Overall PTP and PTMP 60G stability
  • Improved: Overall failover operation
  • Improved: 60G PTMP bidirectional traffic load-balancing
  • Improved: Latency stability
  • Bug Fix: Rx stats not updating on PCP in PTMP
  • Bug Fix: 5G radio site survey scanning
  • Bug Fix: Radio connected but can’t pass traffic
  • Bug Fix: Dashboard RSSI drops

Version 1.1.5

February 21, 2017

Download MetroLinq v1.1.5 Firmware 

Change Log
This release unifies the PTP and PTMP firmwares into one option. Highlights of changes in this release:
  • Improved: 5GHz failover and faster failover switching 
  • Improved: aiming mode with initial support for bluetooth and LinqAssist app 
  • Improved: auto-rate algorithm and reporting bug fixed 
  • Improved: responsive design on web UI 
  • Improved: PTMP performance and support for 8 clients per radio 
  • Improved: channel fairness for colocation and high density applications 
  • Bug Fix: ARP resolution issues 
  • Bug Fix: General 60GHz radio stability fixes 
  • Bug Fix: Throughput may drop to very low if there are rapid connect/disconnect events 
  • Bug Fix: 60GHz radio may stall in PTMP mode and encryption is enabled

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