FAQ - Wifi

  1. What is the default IP address of my access point?

  2. How do I download the Troubleshooting Logs?

  3. What is the difference between Radio 0 and Radio 1?

  4. Is there a reset button on my access point?

  5. How do I access the web management GUI from my access point's WAN port?

  6. Can I reset my access point to factory defaults from the web management GUI?

  7. What are the supported RADIUS attributes in CoovaChilli Captive Portal?

  8. What is the difference between "Bridge to Internet" and "Route to Internet"?

  9. What happens when I select an interface other than the WAN port as my Internet Source?

  10. Can I power my access point with a PoE switch (802.3af)?

  11. How do I update my access point's firmware from the web management GUI?

  12. How do I save a back-up configuration

  13. How do I discover the IgniteNet devices in my network?

  14. Can I reset my access point to factory defaults from the shell

  15. Can I use CCMP+TKIP encryption for a WDS bridge between two radios?

  16. How many SSIDs can I have per radio?

  17. How many Wifi devices can associate to my access point?

  18. What are the acceptable temperature ranges for my access points?

  19. What is the maximum MTU size for IgniteNet access points?

  20. How does rain affect my 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz links?

  21. Do IgniteNet access points support QoS?

  22. Do IgniteNet access points have a ground point?

  23. What are the frequency ranges for IgniteNet access points?

  24. What types of encryption do IgniteNet access points support?

  25. How do I set up RADIUS authentication for my Wifi?

  26. What is the default Login for my Access Point?

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